UVAA Students

UVAA students are singers from all backrounds, styles, and ages with one thing in common: they want to really know how to sing. They practice hard, take risks, and stretch their abilities. As such, they improve and excel. They often win competitions, get into the best schools, and eventually get paid to sing. For some, singing is a future career choice, and for others singing is a hobby. But for all, singing is a gift that they feel responsible to share and develop. 


To register for lessons, click here or call / email us at 801-822-8172 or utvocalartsacademy@gmail.com to schedule a consultative lesson. 

What our students say:

"In one year's time, Dr. Hurtado helped me dive into the world of classical singing, introduced me to my first tastings of opera, prepared me for college auditions, helped me take the first steps from being a Baritone to singing Tenor repertoire, coached me through multiple rounds of competitions, and equipped me with the necessary tools to succeed in college.  And, he did this all while dealing with the pressure of my senior year!  I learned so much from my lessons with Dr. H -- I often look back at the discoveries we made together about my voice.  He was able to draw from his experiences on the professional stage while still instructing me with the care and passion of an educator.  Dr. Hurtado is also one of the genuinely kindest and amiable individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

- Miles Mykkanen, tenor, The Juilliard School


"Isaac Hurtado has successfully changed me from a honky choir singer to a full-voiced aspiring classical artist. With his guidance and leadership, I have not only gained more confidence in my singing, but in my personality and demeanor."

-Evan Roberts, baritone, Eastman School of Music

"Studying with Dr. Hurtado has been a privilege and a joy!! He brings out the best and most beautiful sounds in each of his students and is a constant inspiration, encouragement and support. My voice blossomed with Dr. Hurtado's instruction. He taught me tools to improve my technique in ways I could never have imagined. He also taught me how to reconnect with the music itself and ellicit a renewed passion for singing. Dr. Hurtado truly prepared me for my college auditions. I could not be happier to have been one of his students."

- Abby Middleton, soprano, Eastman School of Music

Soprano, Jennifer Toomey

Former student, Miles Mykkanen (currently a master's student at Juilliard) sings for Renee Fleming in NYC.  While studying with Dr. Hurtado, Miles became a Gold Medalist in the YoungArts competition, a finalist for the Presidential Scholar in the Arts program, and was accepted to the Juilliard School. 

Teresa Eggertson-Cooke made her debut in New York City at the Metropolitan Room to rave reviews in 2014 and has since made multiple appearances in the Big Apple. 


 UVAA student Jonah Hoskins was selected as a National Finalist in the YoungArts Competition (at age 17) where he won a gold medal and $10,000. He also won 1st Place at Classical Singer, NATS, and Schmitt national vocal competitions! Check out Jonah's winning performance from the YoungArts competition below.

Soprano, Abby Middleton 

Soprano, Colleen Brunson

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