The UVAA Vocal Method

Not all voice lessons are created equal


The Secret to Our Success- Students at UVAA are remarkably successful in vocal competitions, top college placement, and performance opportunities. A major ingredient for that success is the Low Larynx Singing method developed and refined by Dr. Hurtado over the last 10 years.


If the larynx is absolutely free of tongue, neck and jaw tension and does not elevate at all with rising pitch, there is no vocal skill or singing style that is out of reach for the singer. With a stable, low larynx, all voices sound more beautiful, have wider ranges, and greater stamina in every style of singing.


Dr. Hurtado's 2005 doctoral treatise for Florida State University delves into various approaches that address and cure laryngeal elevation, and his methods and vocalises have been refined by helping hundreds of singers overcome laryngeal elevation since that time. While many singing teachers give lip service to the importance of a stable larynx, few are able to address it directly, speedily, and effectively. At UVAA, all singers are taught to master this principal along with many other important aspects involving body alignment, breathing, resonance tuning, registration, musicality,etc. Vocal progress of UVAA singers is both rapid and thrilling




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