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Additional Classes

Performance Skills

Sight-reading and Musicianship

It would be impossible to cover every aspect of performing in a 30-60 minute lesson once per week. Yet, stage presence, acting, movement, musicianship and  sight-reading are essential skills for every singer. As such, we have created weekly classes that will teach these skills in a small group setting as an addition to private lessons.

There will be 4 classes per month, which alternate weekly between Performance Skills and Musicianship. The classes will occur in 14 week segments - meaning 7 weeks of each class! 

The Performance Skills class will teach each singer how to deliver confident, powerful performances with emotional connection. We will work on gesturing, movement, mic techniques, charisma, and storytelling. It will be held on the first and third week of each month. 

The Sight-reading and Musicianship course will help each singer learn how to read and learn music quickly and accurately. Participants will learn solfege and become skilled at identifying rhythms, key signatures, pitch intervals, and other musical elements. The course will be held on the second and fourth week of each month. 

Make ups for this class will not be available. If you cannot attend please give advance notice so we can set up a live stream for you, or record the class. You also have the option of sending someone else in your place.


Cost: $60/month for both classes or $40/month for one class. 

Classes begin January 19th, 2022

To enroll for the semester: Contact Hannah Boyack by Jan 17th!


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