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Hannah Nelson

Musical Theater / Classical / General

BM Choral Education, Brigham Young University (In progress)

Hannah is currently studying Choral Education at BYU, but is a theater geek at heart! She loves musical theater and has had over a decade of involvement in performances in community and educational settings, including leading roles in Aida, Footloose, and Rob Gardner’s Lamb of God. She is passionate about healthy singing and hopes to help her students find ease and freedom in their voices. 

Hannah works to make sure that students understand the "why" behind the exercise and techniques that you will cover lessons. She wants her students to have the tools to understand their voices and succeed outside the studio. She strives to create a comfortable, positive environment where students can feel safe asking questions and experimenting with their voices. She believes everyone has the potential for beautiful sound, and does her best to help each of her students discover their healthiest, most vibrant voice.

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